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Darren Woodhouse trading as: Black Box Boys

Black Box Boys Production - Design - Party DJs
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Black Box Boys

1 The Cloisters,
Houghton Regis,
Beds, LU5 5JN

01582 518309

01582 518309 - About Us The Company

The Black Box Boys were founded in 1997 by father and son team Colin & Darren. Why? Well there is no mission to save the world, just a school whose Dj let the down and a dad with a big hifi and cd player...and thats how it all began.

From one week to the next the setup grew, Darren created  website which in turn generated design work,(Along with more partys!)

The production arm came along not long after when people wanted more than just a party DJ but nights full of entertainment and variety.

Over the years we have created numerous bespoke events and shows for charity's, corporate clients and private  customers as well.

We love what we do, and hope it shows. It’s great to be busy and watch what was once a small town disco grow into the giant it is to day, but still with those family values.

See you all soon!

Darren & Colin, on a recent event in the USA!

What's with the name?

This is the question we get asked most...and people expect a complicated answer....but really its simple and well, quite boring. When we started in 1996 the Backstreet Boys were in there prime and whist thinking of what to call ourselves we were busy painting boxes. Thats right you guessed it Black!
That's all there was to it and thus The name ‘Black Box Boys’ was born.

You do a lot of Disability work?

Yes we do and not only are proud of it but its one of the best and most fun  things we do! Colin’s son Craig (Darren's Brother!) Has Down Syndrome so disability has always been a big part of our work! You will quite often see Craig out and about with us lifting boxes, or breaking out his moves on the dance floor. We have done many things over the years but our latest and most successful to date is ‘Swirl Nightclub’ Bedfordhires biggest and best clubnight for people with learning dissabilites. Find out more here.

“Because it takes two to tango...and a whole team behind the scenes!”

If Darren is the brains behind the operation Colin would like to think he has the looks, unfortunately for him Darren is writing the website so that is not the case. Colin loves to pull things apart and fix them, which is why when there is 5mins spare before an event you will normally find something in pieces. When he is not bouncing around the dancefloor or buried in some scene change, Colin volunteers with 2 Local charities and looks after a local primary school.


The brains of the operation (along with the looks - see below!)Darren likes anything technical and is always buying the latest gadget to play with.He enjoys making sure the production standards are high, especially when he gets to present on stage when his Ego is even higher! Darrens, favourite thing is being part of a double act, be it with Colin, or one of the Black Box Boys close friends like Dexter the Dragon or JezO from CBBCs the slammer. When not working as the Black Box Boys, Darren works as Production Manager for a local events company.

Darren Hello. Who are the Black Box Boys? Colin & Darren are the names! Mad, insane, loveable, energetic  are all words used to describe  us, find out more below…